We try to keep the SafePlace Program simple. However, we do have a few rules and policies we require all participants to abide by.

In order to foster an atmosphere of trust, students must be guaranteed strict confidentiality under any and all circumstances unless explicitly stated otherwise. Please ensure all students know they will be treated with respect and all information shared will be kept confidential.

Views on Homosexuality
While we respect the rights of all individuals to have their own viewpoints on homosexuality, we do require anyone displaying a SafePlace logo to be genuinely supportive of LGBTQ students and committed to their well-being. The SafePlace Program hopes to define itself by offering a message of acceptance to our LGBTQ students rather than judging their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Student Life Agreement
Because the SafePlace Program operates on the campus of Pacific Union College, students should not be encouraged to behave in any way which would violate the college’s Student Life Agreement.

Reparative Therapies
LGBTQ students are often referred to reparative therapies (also known as conversion or ex-gay therapies). These so-called therapies attempt to change an individual’s sexual orientation. However, these therapies are not only ineffective, they also serve to degrade the emotional and spiritual well-being of the students we are trying to support. For this reason, we ask that participants refrain from advocating for reparative therapies. (See The Lies and Dangers of Efforts to Change Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity for more information.)

While we aim to be supportive in any way we can, we also recognize that participants are volunteers with limited training in counseling. In the event of problems beyond our competency, we refer students to a professional counselor.

Relationships with Students
We expect all participants to maintain professional levels of conduct. For obvious reasons, romantic or sexual relationships between SafePlace participants and students are strictly prohibited.