SafePlace Program at PUC

The SafePlace program at PUC started in September of 2008 and continues to be active support network with more than 40 faculty and staff members participating. PUC employees who have agreed to the values and guidelines of the program post the SafePlace sticker on their office door, or someplace visible inside their office. When students see this sticker, they can be confident the teacher or staff member is a supportive ally, and will be someone who can be trusted to treat any disclosure related to sexual or gender identity with sensitivity and appropriate confidentiality. It is important to note most of the individuals posting the SafePlace sticker are not mental health professionals, and students seeking professional support should contact the PUC Career Counseling Center, or contact Dr. Aubyn Fulton, one of the unofficial GASP sponsors. His private email (not accessible by anyone at PUC) is:

NOTE: The absence of a SafePlace sticker does not indicate a PUC employee is necessarily an unsafe person to talk to. PUC does not allow students or employees to use official college communication channels, so there are likely many supportive employees who would sign-up for the SafePlace program (if they were aware of it). Additionally, some PUC employees may have their own reasons for not wanting to participate in the program, but would still be safe resources for students to consult.


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